Artist Bio


Portable, customizable, ergonomic.

A physical functionality of an object can be understood, but the greater purpose may remain unseen.

This handle is clearly designed for my grip but what do I do with it?

These works are objects that stayed at home as materials of manufacture, straddling the space between commodity and product, drawing from their own materiality a performance of human interaction, forming a constant visualization of re-creation as a worship to utilitarian spirituality. A perceived future value becomes as mystical as a nostalgic past. These are a shrine that exists always on the horizon There is a fetishism of manufacture where the act of making becomes a ritual worship of the perceived final product. A thing may be more pure before it is complete, a half finished skeleton of the production process. A thing may be a token of proof of possible existence, only adding to the reality of a pure idea.

If we build the pedestal the art will appear.

email, jason.j.raz@gmail.com

instagram, @jasonrasputan

twitter, @cognibeat

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